June 6, 2017

14 Summer Book Recommendations

Summer can be a perfect time to kick back and get lost in some great books 📚✨ These are all books I've read and enjoyed enough to share. I'd LOVE to hear your favorites and what's on your summer reading list - please get in touch or leave a comment below! Happy reading!


Always gotta throw this beauty in the mix because it's the book that kicked off my plant-based journey and changed my life! So grateful to Dr. T. Colin Campbell and his research - a true hero!

Dr. Neal Barnard shares awesome insight based on the latest research to protect our brain, optimize its function, and strengthen our memory through certain "power foods". Easy tips of what to eat, what to avoid, and even some mental exercises to help avoid/reverse cognitive decline. Fascinating topic!

This amazing book by Dr. Joel Fuhrman inspired me so much that I started sharing it with everyone I know! (You may recall the Super Immunity Power Salad recipe I created for the blog.) I've worked in a TON of his tips from this book into our everyday life and have been loving the way my body responds and feels!


GUYS. Have you seen these?! The illustrations are stunning!!! My husband bought them for me as a birthday gift and it's SO much fun experiencing the story all over again. I've read the series a handful of times, but these larger books with amazing, detailed illustrations really bring the magic to life in a whole new way. Definitely worth checking out if you're a Potter fan (and great for gifts!) Muggles rejoice!! ✨

Here's the second book in the series (and I think the third one is coming out in October - can't wait!)

SUCH a cute book told from the dog's perspective. I laughed out loud so many times, and whenever I see a dog now it makes me think of them a bit differently as I try to imagine what their inner dialogue might be thinking 😉 I admit I avoided reading this one for a while because I thought it might be too sad (there were a couple teary parts of course) BUT I'm so, so glad I did and recommend it to all... especially dog/animal lovers!

If I could only recommend a couple books, of any genre, this would definitely make the list. It's a true gift to humanity. The Dalai Lama and Desmond Tutu joined up to reach out to the world, regardless of faith or location, and share incredible insight on how we can all live with more happiness, purpose, and fulfillment... even in the midst of adversity. Phenomenal, uplifting book to read and share with loved ones.

Varying degrees of suffering is inevitable to all of us as humans. But Thich Nhat Hahn shares simple, practical tips on how to be in touch with our suffering... not overwhelmed by it. He says by acknowledging our suffering, we can transform it rather than run away from it. Embracing this mindfulness can bring an incredible freedom, clearer mind, and true joy - beautiful read!

I received this book as a gift from a sweet friend and it was the first Thich Nhat Hanh book I'd ever read. I loved it so much I bought several others by him and really enjoy them all. His style and voice is so down to earth and relatable, yet with such empowering messages.

This is the book I finished most recently and already want to re-read! It's a mystical tale of a shepherd boy on a quest to find worldly treasure. As we follow along his journey, we're reminded to listen to our hearts, follow our dreams, trust our intuition, and discover deeper meanings. That makes it sound a little intense... but it's really a light, shorter read - so lovely!

One last Thich Nhat Hanh book to share on life's most important skill... communicating! He gives wisdom on listening more mindfully and expressing our true, authentic self. An important topic, especially in today's world, on how we can help improve our relationships with ourselves and each other.


Kim Campbell is Dr. T. Colin Campbell's daughter-in-law and an amazing recipe creator! She shares easy, approachable ways of cooking with whole foods and no oil. I've made several recipes from this book and recommend it especially if you're new to plant-based cooking or are trying to go oil-free. Wonderful staples!

I bought this cookbook for my parents who started exploring Indian food this past year and am blown away by the recipes Richa shares. It's gotten amazing reviews and easy to see why - SO many incredible flavors pouring out of these pages, as she makes Indian food both accessible and fun. If you want to dive into the realm of Indian food (a fun summer project!?) this is the book to try!

For any tea enthusiasts out there, this is a really cool reference and guide book (with such beautiful photographs!) It takes us through the history of tea in different regions of the world and many other topics like varieties, cultivating, processing, tea ceremonies, etc. An enjoyable way to learn and better connect with our cup of tea!

That's it for now - be sure to share your favorite reads as well! Occasionally I share book recommendations on The Garden Grazer Pinterest page if you'd like to follow along there as well. (Link below.) Happy summer and happy reading! 🌻 -Kaitlin

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  1. I really like your very nice post!!!! Thank you for such a great books recommendations for summer time:)

    1. Hey Jessi! Thanks - hope you were able to enjoy the summer! Have a great weekend! <3

  2. I bookmarked this post so I can refer to it again. I'm keen to read The Alchemist, and, although I'm a vegan, I haven't read The China Study. Maybe I can get my husband, who's obsessed with scientific proof, to read it and go vegan too. (He's largely vegetarian now.)

    1. Yay!! Did you get a chance to read either of them yet? Would be super fun if your husband joined you on your vegan journey ;) We just watched the documentary "What the Health" on Netflix a couple nights ago - great summary of why we're vegan and worth a watch! Hope you guys have a great weekend :)

  3. The Alchemist looks so good. I would recommend my current read Exodus 95 by Kfir Luzzatto, it's a fantastic thriller.

    1. Hey Becky! Will check it out - thanks!! <3 Hope you've had an awesome summer!

  4. Thank you for this. I’m headed to amazon NOW!!!

    1. Yay, happy reading! Would love to hear any recommendations :) Have a great week!