June 1, 2017

Encha Community Challenge + Giveaways!

Happy June! I'm pleased to announce this month (in celebration of guys and Father's Day) we're exploring men's relationship to matcha! I've personally seen a HUGE difference in my own husband's shift from coffee fanatic to matcha-loving guy. A couple years ago I honestly didn't think I could pry coffee from his hands long enough for him to try matcha... but eventually he agreed to try it for an entire week in place of his daily coffee routine. Not gonna lie - it surprised us both when he ended up loving it! He said he noticed a positive difference in his concentration when he was studying/reading that week, and that he loved the "cleaner" feeling of matcha over coffee.

Despite such a positive initial response, his daily coffee habit still lingered. (It can be a strong force!) So for the past two years, matcha was very much in the mix, but coffee was still the dominant, daily addiction... until recently. He totally cut out coffee from his routine again and experienced about ten days of awful coffee withdrawal symptoms. It wasn't until this point that the beneficial effects of switching to matcha were fully realized. He says his daily energy is as good as (or better than!) it ever was with coffee, and the draw to coffee is only ever minimally present, if at all. Before, he wouldn't walk past a coffee house without going in. The last time we walked past a coffee house he had to be convinced to go in (whoa...) 😉

So! After seeing this amazing transformation and increased health & happiness firsthand, I'd LOVE to see it shared with other men out there. I encourage you to explore it with special guys in your life as well - family, friends, neighbors, significant others, etc. (Or if you're a guy reading this - hi! Give matcha a try!) 😊

To help support you in this fun endeavor, I've teamed up with my absolute favorite matcha brand, Encha Organic Matcha to host weekly challenges and giveaways on my Instagram page this month, so be sure to catch up with me there. Now let's get to the fun stuff and giveaway details! First...

This month, anyone can save 10% on all three grades of Encha Organic Matcha on Amazon, including free prime shipping!

Ceremonial-grade Encha on Amazon
Latte-grade Encha on Amazon
Culinary-grade Encha on Amazon

Use coupon code: "EnchaMan"
(One use per customer. Valid June 1-30, 2017.)

Encha is also generously providing four amazing giveaways throughout the month! (Prizes will be sent by Encha team via USPS Priority Mail.)

Opening 1st Round Prize
Encha Organic Matcha Starter Kit ($50)
Enter June 1-7 through my weekly Instagram Challenge
Winner Announcement June 8

Photos courtesy of Encha.com

2nd Round Prize
Encha All-Grade Matcha Ensemble ($67)
Enter June 8-14 through my weekly Instagram Challenge
Winner Announcement June 15

Photo courtesy of Encha.com

3rd Round Prize
Encha Set: 30g Ceremonial packet + whisk trio or frother + a bowl or pitcher (choose among in-stock) ($76-$89)
Enter June 15-21 through my weekly Instagram Challenge
Winner Announcement June 22

Photos courtesy of Encha.com

Final 4th Round Prize
Encha Matcha Tea Ceremony Set ($95.50) (with Wave bowl)
Enter June 22-27 through my weekly Instagram Challenge
Winner Announcement June 28

Photo courtesy of Encha.com

Pretty amazing prizes and I'm SO excited to share the Encha love with you! Come join me on The Garden Grazer's Instagram where the first challenge/giveaway is currently underway. I genuinely look forward to hearing from you this month and your thoughts on this topic so close to my heart: matcha men! 💚 -Kaitlin

PS - feel free to visit my Matcha Guide on the site for general matcha info, benefits, recipes, etc!


This community challenge is in collaboration with Encha Organic Matcha as part of its farm-to-cup community support program. All opinions are my own.

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  1. You have convinced me to try matcha and and switch it with coffee! I think I'm also going to keep an eye out for the giveaways!

    1. Awesome! Would love to hear what you think! :)

  2. I love your matcha and right now I am praying to win one of those 4 gifts. I really wish to win your giftaway. I have been also following your Instagram account.

    1. Hi there! So glad you're enjoying the matcha and thanks for following along :) This particular monthly community challenge is over now, but there may be more in the future you could participate in for the chance to win other fun prizes. Would love to hear how you drink your matcha! Lattes, pure whisked, etc.? Have a beautiful week!