October 19, 2017

October 2017 Updates!

Hi guys and happy OCTOBER! 🍂 I plan on working in more of these "behind the scenes" and lifestyle posts for those interested in seeing what we're up to. (I also created a new Lifestyle tab to gather all these non-recipe posts.) October is my favorite month and here's a peek into what we've been up to lately:

Autumn has arrived!
Last week we walked through downtown Bozeman, Montana to a local tea shop and came across this maple tree in full autumn color-mode (with that gorgeous blue sky backdrop) 💙

After a quick stop at the tea shop (with our cozy pumpkin chai lattes!) we hit the trail. Bozeman has so many beautiful hiking/biking trails around the city, and we love to get out and explore them. Sunshine, fresh air, pine trees, and mountain views with family - my perfect day!

I try to wake up early enough to catch the sunrise and there have been some pretty incredible ones lately. Little things like this add so much joy to my mornings 😊

One more sunrise pic from a different morning - the color palette was stunning! 🎨

Here's the view from another hike we took in the Bridger Mountains just when the fall colors were starting to emerge. (And I love the soothing sounds of a gently flowing stream.)

We also spend a ton of time at our food co-op which focuses on local, organic produce. Just look at those beauties! Love when they're lined up all pretty 🌿

Recent Reads
Big Magic
by Elizabeth Gilbert
I shared this book on my Instagram a couple weeks ago after really enjoying Elizabeth's down-to-earth writing style. This book was a huge spark of inspiration and such a fun read! (Find it here on Amazon.)

by Dr. Wayne Dyer
This book was a recommendation from the lovely Ashley at Blissful Basil 💛 I took my time reading this one (and plan to revisit often) because it's so beautifully dense with wisdom and encourages us to tap into our deep, inner awareness. Powerful read! (Find it here on Amazon.)

by Chris Guillebeau
Such a cool idea for a book. Chris shares incredible stories around the world of ordinary people doing remarkable things. It also encourages everyone to pursue a challenging quest to find more meaning and long-term happiness. He gives great advice on finding our own quest and motivating us to make leap. (Find it here on Amazon.)

by Winston & Maimes
This was a brand new topic for me and whether you're familiar with adaptogens or never heard of them before (me!) this is a great reference. These powerful herbs have a long history of providing ancient remedies around the world, and have been well documented. Adaptogens are said to help our body stay balanced, normalized, and overall healthy, while increasing our resistance to stresses and illness. Definitely been a fun new topic to explore! (Find it here on Amazon.)

After getting acquainted with adaptogens and their amazing benefits, it inspired me to try these herb blends. It's always good to start small with anything new like this to gauge how your body responds, so we've been slowly working them into our routine the past month. Is anyone else familiar with adaptogens? I'd love to hear your thoughts and experience! I found these two blends at our co-op but you can also find them on Amazon here: Adrena Uplift & Adrena Nourish.

Latest Recipes Recap
I was so excited to post this recipe a few weeks ago - it's a 30 minute, flavor packed, family-friendly soup that everyone can personalize with their own favorite toppings. (Plus a huge nutrient boost from all the veggies and the lentil/black bean combo!)

This is my favorite go-to taco seasoning blend that I posted years ago, but recently updated the photos when I used it again for the Lentil Taco Soup. A great spice blend to make and have on hand, or adapt to your own personal taste - chipotle powder is a great, smoky twist!

Another warm and cozy soup ready in just 30 minutes. This is one of the easiest soups I've ever made - you literally just chop a few veggies, put everything in the pot, and bring to a boil. I love how silky and smooth the broth is, with tons of flavor from the curry powder 💛

I made another batch of these candied nuts recently and updated this 2012 recipe with some fresh new photos. We love having these on hand as a snack or for salad toppers!

That's a wrap! Would love to hear how autumn is wherever you are. Hope you're enjoying the sights, smells, and all the cozy good things.

🌻 -Kaitlin 

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