November 25, 2017

The Garden Grazer's Holiday Gift Guide!

The holidays are upon us! 🎄 Cue the twinkly lights, fluffy snow, cozy fires, and warm, holiday cheer (yay!) Today I'm sharing 20+ recommendations (carefully selected from things I personally own, use, and love) that I think would make fantastic gifts for everyone on your list. The links below are Amazon affiliate but as always there's no cost to you in clicking them. Browse for inspiration for travelers, kids, foodies, book lovers, gamers, etc. Sending joy and wishing you happiest holidays! 💖-Kaitlin

PS - as awesome as shopping from the couch in your pajamas is (i.e. really awesome), I'm also a big believer in supporting small & local! I encourage you to get out and spread cheer in your community by supporting local businesses during the holiday season!


This book is wildly addicting! Amazing collection of the world's most unique and interesting places. It'll spark some serious wanderlust right from the comfort of your own home 🌏 (Thanks to my dad for this great find!)
Click here to see this on Amazon.

We were introduced to this game by my brother-in-law and were immediately hooked!
Click here to see this on Amazon.

Super fun puzzle/logic game! (Designed for solo person play).
Great stocking stuffer!

BEST matcha! I love sharing the gift of my favorite tea. (PS - Encha has other great products and gorgeous bowls on their website as well!)
Click here to see this on Amazon.

Encha Organic Matcha Single Serve Packets
One more matcha idea because c'mon, how CUTE are these single serve mini-Encha packets!? They've got (adult) stocking stuffers written all over them!
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Tea: History, Terroirs, Varieties
Beautiful illustrations and photos! This book is filled with both historical and technical information on the different varieties of tea grown around the world. Awesome reference for tea lovers and curious minds!


Bose Portable 360° Bluetooth Speaker
Compact and portable with really awesome sound - LOVE the 360° design!
Click here to see this on Amazon.

Absolutely adore the atmosphere these add (and supposed health benefits!) We have two and I definitely want more for around the house. The dimmer option is awesome.
Click here to see this on Amazon.

InnoGear Bamboo Essential Oil Diffuser
Cute bamboo design for this affordable diffuser!
Click here to see this on Amazon.

Flameless Candles (with remote!)
Love these around the house in our wooden lanterns.
Click here to see this on Amazon.

My daughter LOVES getting creative with these, often adding characters or other toys to the mix!

Great starter pack for wooden train tracks! (So many other fun expansion packs and specialty pieces to collect and add to the fun!)
Click here to see this on Amazon.

Solid-Wood Building Blocks with Tray
Classic go-to toy for kids of all ages! Love the quality of this Melissa & Doug set.
Click here to see this on Amazon.

One of my daughter's favorites - an easy, fun cooperative game for kids!
Click here to see this on Amazon.

Muggles rejoice!!! These stunning illustration editions bring the world of Harry Potter back to life in the most incredible way. (PS - Book 2 and Book 3 are also out!)
Click here to see this on Amazon.

Book of Joy
Life-changing and a must read! One of my all-time favorites.
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The Happiness of Pursuit
Inspiring! The author shares awesome stories of ordinary people around the world doing amazing things. It'll encourage you to take on a quest of your own!
Click here to see this on Amazon.

The Alchemist
Beautiful, mystical story of a man on self-discovery that invokes wisdom and wonder - a modern classic!
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Big Book of Kombucha
For beginners and experts alike - phenomenal kombucha guide on brewing, flavoring/recipes, health benefits, troubleshooting, etc. (Huge thanks to my sweet pal @jameepalm for this perfect recommendation!)
Click here to see this on Amazon.

Deluxe Kombucha Brewing Kit
THIS! Everything you need to start the fun adventure of brewing your own kombucha at home. This kit made it SO EASY to get started. (Again, thanks to @jameepalm for the recommendation and encouragement to start brewing my own!) I've had so much fun with this new experiment the past few months!
Click here to see this on Amazon.

GreenPan 8" Ceramic Non-Stick Fry Pan
Awesome gift from my mother-in-law and one of my go-to pans! I love this smaller 8" size.
Click here to see this on Amazon.

That's a wrap! 😉🎁
If you're looking for even more inspiration, check out The Garden Grazer Shop for more recommendations:

Happy Holidays to all!!! 🎄

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