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This is where I share things I love 😊 First things first: there are no sponsored posts here on The Garden Grazer; a decision I made shortly after starting the blog 5+ years ago. I strive to give readers complete peace of mind that I'm not being paid to promote or say things, and that all content is honest and authentic. (I'm not opposed to collaborating with companies once in a while if I'm truly passionate about them and our values align - such as Encha Organic Matcha. But I'm driven to keep it meaningful and genuine with how I incorporate it with the blog.)

That said, I really like sharing things I personally use and sincerely recommend. (And I absolutely love hearing your favorites as well so please share!!) The links below are through Amazon Associates where I can earn fees through affiliate links. But there is absolutely no cost to you in clicking these links.  💜 -Kaitlin

The concept of "zero waste" fascinates me and we've been working to gradually move towards a less wasteful lifestyle & home. To be clear, absolute zero waste isn't really possible in today's world - it's more of an idealistic goal aimed at avoiding as much waste as possible... (even recycling!) It's a philosophy based on understanding the effect of your purchases on the environment and acting accordingly; by questioning everything, doing what you can within your means, and embracing change. It's a beautiful, meaningful shift towards more quality, durable, and sustainable products. (For example, reusable glass or stainless steel over single-use plastic items.) Below are things I personally use to help us on our journey towards less waste and less plastic, and I'll continue to update this list as I find more. (I also encourage you to look for items second-hand if possible!) The book "Zero Waste Home" is a phenomenal, and inspiring, starting place if you're curious about ways to reduce your own waste. Would love to hear if you give it a go and your own favorite ways to reduce & reuse! ♻

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    1. Hi and thanks so much for your kind words! I've heard good things about Purium products before - I'll give it a look, thanks so much for sharing! Enjoy the rest of your weekend! -Kaitlin