May 14, 2015

How to Make: Iced Matcha

This is a very simple tutorial, but good to know! My favorite way to enjoy matcha is whisked hot, but this is such a great change of pace when the temperature heats up. It's so refreshing to sip this out in the sunshine to get my daily boost of zenergy. If you hadn't noticed by now, I'm crazy for matcha! If you want to learn more about this antioxidant super-drink, check out my Matcha page. I'm also pretty obsessed with this Tropical Matcha Smoothie ;)

1 tsp. Encha organic matcha (ceremonial grade)
2/3 cup - 1 cup water
Large handful of ice cubes (about 5-6 cubes)

Iced Matcha Two Ways
#1: Prepare whisked hot matcha then add ice
Heat water to just under boiling (about 160 degrees). Add water to 1 tsp. matcha in a soup bowl. With a bamboo whisk, whisk very briskly in a straight line back and forth. Continue until you get a nice layer of froth (about 30 seconds). Carefully transfer to a glass, add plenty of ice, and enjoy!

#2: Quick and easy cold brew (matcha on-the-go!)
In a shaker cup with lid, thoroughly shake matcha with water and ice cubes. That's it!
My husband uses this super easy method to take his matcha to work, and I love it in the summer to bring it outside!

How do you enjoy your matcha?
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    1. YES - give it a try!! It's awesome iced. So smoooooth and refreshing! :)